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Stats Edit

  • Fires 30 Metal a shot
  • No reload
  • damage dealt is returned to user as Metal

Play Style Edit

The Widowmaker is one of the Engineer's best primary weapons as it literally has a bottomless clip if you can hit your shots. Very little weapons in the entire game can dish out the kind of damage this scrap cannon can. One of the best things you can do with this weapon is to throw on the Gunslinger purely for the health bonus and play the objective just like an offensive class would because you wouldn't believe it (what with the Engineer being a defensive class and all), but this thing is incredible at offense. You want to get up in the faces of your enemies, but don't become some kind of W+M1 Engineer. Try and sneak up and make sure that the attention isn't on you no matter what your weapon is, as you're still a low-health Engineer. If you manage to get up close to the cart with a decent amount of health go ahead and play "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" because the chaos that will ensue could only really be appreciated with that song playing. This weapon isn't the best for playing as a regular Engineer that builds level three Sentries and makes a nest, because the Widowmaker falls short with some of the basic tasks needed to maintain that playstyle. An example is Spy checks; if it isn't a Spy than you just wasted 30 Metal that could go into your buildings. This shotgun is only really good with the Gunslinger and that's kind of sad, we need more offensive wrenches because the only other offensive wrench is the Jag and it doesn't mix well with the Widowmaker.

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