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The Vaccinator is a community-made secondary weapon for the Medic. It roughly resembles a Medi Gun, with a team-colored, glowing liquid-filled beaker attached to the lower middle section, a small monitor left of the main body and additional cables and valves. It also changes the stock Medigun backpack to a small Canteen-like device. This weapon heals the player the same rate as a normal medigun would, though Overheal builds 66% slower. This weapon, when being healed blocks 10% damage from the selected damage resistance to the patient, and can be cycled though fire, bullet, and explosive, which can be cycled through by pressing your reload key. Melee attacks are counted as bullet damage. There is a 50% faster Ubercharge rate on this weapon, and this weapon's ubercharge can be activated uniquely at every 25% of a ubercharge meter, though 25% will last 2 seconds, 50% 4, 75% 6, and 100% (full) the usual 8 seconds. This does not have to be activated exactly on the quarter, such as 78% uber will result in only using 75% uber, not all 78%. This weapons ubercharge is protecting the patient and the medic from 75% of the selected damage resistance type. The selected type cannot be changed during the ubercharge, so choose carefully. Also, for every time damage is taken, 3% of ubercharge is lost regardless of what caused the damage. The medic healing takes 25% of the damage the target is taking as health, if the target took 100 damage, the medic will get 25 health. This will not grant overheal to the medic.

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