The Thermal Thruster is a secondary weapon for the Pyro.

It fires a short duration that blasts the Pyro in the direction the player is aiming and landing on a enemy deals 3x fall damage.It has a 1.1 second holster duration. When the Pyro lands on the ground, it knocks all nearby enemies back. Depending on how high the Pyro jumps from when the Thermal Thruster is activated determines how powerful the knockback on enemies is. The initial take-off can extinguish teammates.

It has a unique taunt kill the Gas Blast, and was added in the Jungle Inferno Update.

Play Styles Edit

The Thermal Thrust has 2 common play styles, the first is to use the Thermal Thruster as a escape plan to get to a healthpack or to a safe place away from battle. The second play style is used by offensive or flank pyro often in combination with the Back Burner, they use the jetpack to get over enemy lines and kill as many players as possible.

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