The Deflector is a weapon used in Mann vs. Machine by a Deflector Heavy, or Deflector robot. This weapon cannot be obtained in any legitimate way, and is currently impossible to get without use of mods or third-party modifications. This weapon's bullets have green tracers instead of the regular yellow tracers. This weapon destorys projectiles after about 2 units of ammo are consumed. All projectiles except for needles, arrows, and sitckybombs can be destroyed. This weapon functions exactly like the Minigun, has the same damage, fire rate, model, and kill icon. This weapon was only obtained by one player who found an exploit in how items worked, and could be used to get any item in the game, including normally unobtainable items such as gatebot hats also only used by robots, and, the Deflector. The user mailed Valve about this expoit, and it has since been patched, the user's Deflector was removed, and the user got a free Vintage quality item of his/her choice. Also, the weapon name is "The Deflector", and not just "Deflector". This is a level 0 Minigun, and can only be equipped by the Heavy.

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