The Classic is a primary weapon for the Sniper. It is a rifle based on the on from Team Fortress Classic,and is also based on the H&K G36, fitted with a longer barrel and a laser sight. The main difference is that it doesn't require you to zoom in to charge your shot, However, you must hold down your Primary fire key to charge your shot, making you as slow as usual. Also, you cannot headshot with this new rifle unless you fully charge your new rifle, making it a "waiting mann's rifle". This rifle also does 10% less damage upon bodyshot, which will still kill 125 health classes in a single fully charged shot (with damage spread off, it still will, with on, it has a chance not to) but is probably more efficient to just headshot them. 

Obviously, it is based on the Classic TF or TFC sniper rifle. Other than the ability to only headshot whilst fully charged, unscoped or scoped, and the -10% damage on body-shot, it is exactly the same with the ability to charge while unscoped, by holding down the fire button. Once you land a successful hit and you kill your target, the person explodes into a flurry of body parts, making it a fun weapon to use.

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