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TF Industries is a mysterious company based in Washington, USA that is "Devoted to the highest level of craftsmanship and personal security". Headed by the Administrator, they specialize in the very latest in military technology, selling all manner of deadly, cutting-edge devices to prospective buyers. They also run the popular 'Buildables' line of Engineering products.

They offer an extended services contract on all items and are not responsible for any injuries attained while operating their products.

Known products of theirs include:

As well, Mann Co., a division of TF Industries, also makes many other products of their own that are not directly affiliated with TFi.


  • "TF" is an initialism for "Team Fortress". This is either a sly self-reference or an explanation of sorts for the title.
  • There are 3 different flags (not Intelligence cases) in the game files, the head of each reads 'TFi'.
  • In the Team Fortress universe, Valve Corporation is the name of a division of TF Industries.

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