Syringe gun

A RED Syringe Gun in TF2.

The Syringe Gun is a Medic's weapon that rapidly fires syringes. It is featured in the game Team Fortress 2. It's a medium ranged weapon that deals low damage per shot with relatively slow projectile speed, but compensates by having a fast firing rate and more ammunition per magazine. It is a hard weapon to aim in the game as the syringes shoot in an arc and has slight swerve to the right when firing. It's optional replacement unlock is the Blutsauger or the Crusader's Crossbow. This weapon has 40 syringes per clip, and 150 syringes in total. Each needle does 10-12 damage at point blank range, 5-10 at long range, and  5-6 at long range. This gun fires 10 needles a second, and can deal 100-125 damage a second at point blank range if all/most needles hit. This weapon is very accurate. A critical syringe does 30 damage, so you will kill a non-Overhealed Heavy if all needles 10 shot a second hit him under a second, making it very deadly. While critical boosted, this weapon does 300 damage per second. A mini-crit does 14-16 damage, signifigantly boosting the damage letting it kill almost all classes withing 1.5-2 seconds.

Appearance Edit

The Syringe Gun is a black and grey, seemingly air powered compact gun frame that has a glass cylinder on top that contains the syringes that it fires.

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