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The Super Nailgun (or SNG) is a weapon in the Team Fortress series. It uses Nails and fires a constant stream of them. It does not need to be reloaded.

It is only used by the Medic.


Sng qwtf

The QWTF Super Nailgun

The Super Nailgun is a very powerful weapon in QWTF. Since it does not have damage falloff over distances, it is an ideal weapon to use against targets at up to Medium range. Use the same strategies that are on the Nailgun page, but remember that the Super Nailgun has a slightly lower rate of fire than its regular cousin.

It is a very powerful anti-Sentry Gun weapon. Use the same strategy that is on the Nailgun page, but remember that it'll take less hits for a Sentry Gun to be destroyed.

When using the Super Nailgun, keep in mind that it uses four nails per shot. That means you'll have to be very careful when using it, as it is easy to accidentally run out of ammo.


Sng tfc

The TFC Super Nailgun

The TFC Super Nailgun is less useful than the Shotguns against enemy targets, as the Shotguns do not have damage falloff over distance. It is still a great weapon to use if you want to use it against human targets, since it is more powerful than the regular Nailgun. As always, circle-strafe, and you should be able to take out your target.

The Super Nailgun's increased strength makes it an ideal anti-Sentry weapon. Try to make sure that you have maximum ammo for this weapon at all times, as you never know when you'll encounter a Sentry.

Unlike the QWTF Super Nailgun, the TFC Nailgun uses two Nails per shot. While this means that you'll be able to use the Super Nailgun for a longer period of time, remember that you can still run out of ammo quickly if you're not careful.


Sng etf

The ETF Super Nailgun

The ETF Super Nailgun is arguable the best out of all of the Super Nailguns, as it combines the power of the QWTF Super Nailgun, has the TFC Super Nailgun's ammo consumption rate and has a rate of fire that exceeds the other Super Nailguns. It should be used as much as possible.


  • This weapon is from Quake 1.
  • The TFC version of the SNG appears to be based off the real life Thomson.

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