Pyro being stunned TF2
"Nice catch, knucklehead!"
The Scout

Being stunned is the state of being incapacitated. While stunned, players are forced into the third-person humiliation stance and renders them unable to attack, with the exception of taunt kills. Stunned players also suffer from a 50% movement speed penalty, and cannot jump or crouch. Players can also be "fully" stunned, which renders the player completely immobile. This can only be done by the Scout and taunt kills, and only one of his melee weapons, the Sandman. On alternative-fire, the bat will launch a ball that stuns a person the longer the shot was from, to a max of 7 seconds and renders them immobile, and a minimum of 1 second. A critical ball will render the target immobile, and for the max stun duration of 7 seconds. A "BONK" message will pop over the victims head with capital yellow letters with a green background, and the victim will have a thin yellow halo around their head and stars circling them too. A ball from max lenth will always be a critical hit. It is possible, but very hard, to kill someone with the Home Run taunt if the player has a full boost from the Baby Face's Blaster, stuns the target, and somehow gets close enough to do the 5-second taunt kill meaning you will have to get to the victim in 2 seconds.

Taunt StunsEdit


The Skewer taunt from the Huntsman initially stuns the target after sticking the arrow in them, and doesn't deal damage.

Engineer  Edit

The Organ Grinder taunt from the Gunslinger stuns he target briefly while dealing 1 damage rapidly 14 times after stabbing the target with his robo-hand.


The Spinal Tap taunt from the Ubersaw stuns the target after the victim has a saw blade sticking into them. This deals no damage until the saw is pulled out, giving the medic 100% ubercharge.

All stun methods always work on Ubercharged opponents, even the Quick-Fix's ubercharge cannot stop it. A few seconds of stun on any enemy will almost always result in their death around your teammates, and at least waste their ubercharge if they are currently invincible.

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