The Sticky Jumper is a secondary weapon for the Demoman. Similar in appearance to the Stickybomb Launcher, it features a painted orange muzzle plus an orange and white striped pattern on the magazine, and lacks a front iron sight. The weapon fires rounded Stickybombs, and uses a rejected model for the regular Stickybomb Launcher. This Stickybomb launcher does -100% damage to everything, and has no random critical hits, though this is purely cosmetic as they deal no damage no matter what. This Stickybomb launcher can only have 2 bombs out at a time, and was designed to help a player learn how to Sitcky-jump, but players have found outside uses that it's intended use. Pogo-jumping is a common use of this weapon, as with a regular Stickybomb launcher would inflict extreme damage to the player after a few jumps, but the only damage the player gets is the 20-50 from the fall damage. 


Sticky Jumper

The old Sticky Jumper model before Meet Your Match

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