For the modern class in TF2, see Soldier.
Health 100 /150
Name Soldier
Armor 200
Armor Type Heavy
Speed 80%
Appears in Team Fortress Classic

The Soldier is a playable class in the game Team Fortress Classic. The soldier in Team Fortress Classic is pretty much the same as it is now in Team Fortress 2. He is marked by his team-colored suit, armored vest, helmet, and camouflage facepaint. As a Soldier, your job is to spearhead the attack on enemy territory, using your trusty rocket launcher to take out any obstacle, big or small, that might stand in your path.

A soldier's biggest concern is keeping his rocket launcher loaded. It has a capacity of four rockets, and it takes an excruciatingly long time to reload. There's nothing like running into a heavy only to find out your launcher's empty and the Heavy's charging his minigun. Pressing the special skills key will immediately reload your weapon, whatever you have equipped. (which should be your launcher) The soldier also has two shotguns, single and double barreled. Why is this? The single-barreled shotgun does less damage, but fires faster, so use it for taking out weaker, faster foes (like scouts) The double-barreled shotgun does more damage, but fires slower. Use it for taking out stronger enemies when you are out of rockets or using the rocket launcher is simply out of the question.

The soldier's special grenade is the Nail Grenade. When thrown, it floats up into the air, and immediately begins spraying the surrounding area with nails, much like the nailgun favored by other classes. It lasts about a minute and then shuts down. Pitch one into a confined room to soften up your enemies or throw it behind you to hamper pursuers.

The soldier's only other special ability is the same as it is in Team Fortress 2: The Rocket Jump. While it isn't as special in TFC since other classes have grenades, it's still a great way to get into unexpected places. Just jump and fire your rocket launcher, and soon you'll be propelled to new heights at the cost of a chunk of your health and armor.

As a Soldier, keep mobile and keep firing. Aim towards the ground below your enemy's feet to ensure that they receive the maximum possible explosion damage from your rockets, and be careful how you rocket-jump. Just like in TF2, your rocket launcher can be key in removing Engineers and their sentries, clearing a path for your weaker, faster allies.

If facing a soldier, stay moving. His rockets are slow, so keeping a bead on you will be difficult. The farther away you are, the easier it will be. Snipers will likely have the easiest time picking off the slow-moving soldier, as they will be well out of range of the Soldier's faster secondary weapons.

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