The Sniper Rifle is the Stock primary weapon for the Sniper. It's a single-shot, bolt-action rifle with a wooden stock and a massive scope, with a laser sight attached underneath. This weapon's main ability is its scope. Right-clicking (or pressing your special ability key) will make the Sniper use the scope, and will reduce your speed to 27%. A non-headshot (referred to as a bodyshot) will deal 128-173 damage. Unscoped shots deal 43-47 damage. This weapon deals critical hits with headshots when using the scope, which deal a minimum of 150 damage if uncharged, and a max of 450 when fully charged (that's enough to kill a Heavy with full Overheal in one hit). The base damage is 50 when not scoping, and 150 when you are, which is why the max damage isn't higher than 450. This weapon takes about 1.5 seconds to reload, and cannot deal random critical hits.

This weapon's by far the most commonly used sniper rifle in the game due to its reliability. This rifle is great for Snipers that can consistently get headshots and doesn't punish players that aren't as precise, with decent bodyshot damage as well. This rifle will fit nicely in the hands of an aggressive Sniper as with a defensive one, making it an overall great gun to use.


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