―player describing about Sandvich

The Sandvich (also known as the Sandvich Edible Device, or SED) is the Heavy's first Achievement unlock, replacing his standard Shotgun.

The Sandvich is sually used as a portalble Medkit as it heals the Heavy's health to its maximum, however using it is risky, as it makes a lot of noise, alert the enemy.

Item icon Festive Sandvich.png

Deploy the Sandvich in a hostile zone near a group of wounded teammates if there is no Medics are available.

Of course, you can also do this method to conserve ammo:

1. Look around for enemies

2. Put your back to a corner

3. Eat sandvich, as you can outheal all of the spy's damage output save for a backstab which can't be. 

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