The Rescue Ranger is a community-made primary weapon for the Engineer. It resembles the normal Shotgun, but has a small, permanently turned on monitor mounted on its top in the location a scope is typically found which shows a moving sine wave. The monitor is connected to a yellow box at the end of the barrel with a team-colored light on its end. This weapon has the and fireing speeds as the default Shotgun. This weapon has a 34% smaller clip size so it has a clip of 4, instead of the usual 6 inside the stock Shotgun. This weapon allows the player to pick up any building from any range at the cost of 100 metal . When the building is picked up, wether manually in range or from far away, the player hauling the building will take all damage as mini-crits, (35% extra damage). When hauling a building from far away, you will have a tracer effect leading to you, similar to the tracer effect from the Machina. Also, this weapon has 50% less max primary ammo, so it carries 16 ammo. This weapon, instead of firing pellets, fires bolts that deal 60 damage at close range, 27 at medium range, and 21 at long range. This weapon's bolts can repair buildings for no metal cost, but will not upgrade or resupply them in the case of sentry guns. If a bolt is fired from long range, the projectile arc has to be taken into account, Like the Huntsman Arrows, And Crusader's Crossbow Bolts.

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