The Pistol is the Scout's and Engineer's stock secondary weapon in Team Fortress 2. It is a typical pistol sidearm that fires bullets from a cartridge magazine.


The Pistol is a grey, black, and brown pistol with a small-sized trigger.


This weapon usually does 15 damage per shot, but at point blank range it will do 22 damage per shot. This weapon fires every 0.17 seconds, resulting in 6 bullets fired a second. This weapon is good for harassing enemies due to its fast rate of fire, clip of 12, and moderate damage per second. When Crit-Boosted, it will do 45 damage per shot, making it very deadly, and if you hit every bullet, you'd be able to deal 270 damage per second.

This weapon takes 1.25 seconds to reload for the Scout, and 1.36 seconds for the Engineer. The Scout has a total of 48 ammo, and the Engineer has 212 ammo. This weapon is fairly accurate, so it excels at destroying enemy Stickybombs that will usually take 2-4 shots of your Scattergun or Shotgun. If you're the Scout, the Scattergun is a better short-range choice. This weapon can destroy level 3 buildings using about half of your max ammo. 

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