The Pentagram of Protection is an item in the Team Fortress series. When picked up, it gives the user 30 seconds of invulnerability time.

Pent qwtf

The Pentagram of Protection.

When the Pentagram is picked up in Quake Team Fortress, the player will have a red light coming out of the user's body. When the Pentagram is picked up in Team Fortress Classic, there will be a red glow around the user's weapon and body.


Pent tfc

The Pentagram in TFC.

The Pentagram is usually used in Quad Jump maps, where it protects the player from the damaged caused by a Quad Damage-powered rocket. Otherwise, the Pentagram rarely, if ever, appears in custom maps, and has never appeared in an official map in any game.

If you are playing a map that has it, try to have your team secure the area its at so that your team is the only team that has access to it. For example, try to set a Sentry Gun around the entrance.


  • This item is from the original Quake, as the original Team Fortress is based on it, which gives TF access to all of Quake's items.
  • When the Quad Damage and Pentagram of Protection are used at once, the player will have a light purple glow around him.
  • The Pentagram does not exist in ETF.
  • In TF2, the Pentagram of Protection is replaced with the Medic's Ubercharge.

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