Neon Annihilator
The Neon Annihilator is a melee weapon for the Pyro. It is a neon sign with the Chinese word for "bar" (酒吧, jiǔbā), and appears to have been pulled off a wall, judging by the orientation of the characters. The neon tubes on the sides of the weapon are team-colored and glow in the dark, as do the neon tubes inside the outer tubes. A yellow-coloured plastic wire is seen strung from the neon lights to the back of the weapon, where it is connected via a small power compartment. The base of the sign also has four thick, crooked bolts, giving the impression that the weapon itself was torn from its permanent fixture from a wall. An electrical sound is heard when swinging.

This weapon is similar to the Homewrecker because remove sappers from buildings by hitting them.  However, along with that, it gets guaranteed critical hits against players who are in water or who are wet (which deals 156 damage), and does not get critical hits against non wet players and deals 20% less damage toward players.  This is probably because the sign is electrified, and it is commonly seen that water is a strong conducter of electricity.

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