Bio[edit | edit source]

The Natascha is an unlockable primary weapon for the Heavy. Similar in appearance to the default Minigun, this weapon boasts a jet black ammunition carrier and additional chain belt.  When you hit somebody with damage from this weapon, they will be slowed down significantly for a short period of time. This weapon has a 30% slower spin up time, and a 25% damage penalty. However, it will slow all classes to a speed of about 113 Hammer Units per second, making all classes unable to escape under almost all conditions at close range, as they will likely be dead before they can escape. Also, this weapon gives a 20% damage resistance when spun up, thus allowing the Heavy to survive a fully-charged headshot (if he is overhealed by a Medic). The Brass Beast shares this same trait as well. At point blank, this Minigun does about 360 damage usually per second, making it good for ambushes despite its slower spin up or taking down intelligence carriers, but not really for standard defense as the missing damage can be life-saving for your foes.  

variants[edit | edit source]

Festive variant

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