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The Nail Grenade is a secondary grenade in the Team Fortress series. When the timer goes off, the Nail grenade leaps into the air from where it was when the timer went off (even if it is already in the air) and release a barrage of nails. The movement of the nails depends on the TF game; in QWTF, the nailgun fires nails in a clockwise pattern, while in TFC and ETF, the grenade fires nails from certain parts of the grenade. After a few seconds, the grenade explodes, which does damage that is equivalent to a regular Frag Grenade.

The Nail Grenade is only used by the Soldier.


The Nail Grenade is a great anti-Sentry Gun weapon. Throw it next to a sentry, and the damage from the nails will snowball so quickly that the Sentry will be destroyed. If there is an engineer that is next to the sentry and repairing it while its being damaged, the explosion will usually kill him and inflict major damage on the sentry, allowing you to finish it off before the Engineer comes back.

The Nail Grenade is also a great way to deny an area to an enemy. The sheer amount of nails the grenade fires usually dissuades an enemy from entering an area, especially the inexperienced. Try to use it in a tight room so that enemies cannot get past the grenade without taking major damage; otherwise, enemies will be able to easily get past it while taking little to no damage.

The Nail Grenade is a wild card if used when deathmatching an opponent. While it can do major damage to an enemy, it can do major damage to you as well. Try to avoid using it when possible.


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The Nail Grenade was supposed to be in Team Fortress 2, but was cut when throwable grenades were deleted.


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