Meet the Sniper
Meet the Sniper TF2
Released June 7, 2008
Run time 1:40

The Meet the Sniper video is a video which shows insight of the Sniper.


[The sniper drives down a road. The shot is facing through the front windshield. The sniper flicks a bobble head of the TFC class, civilian]

Sniper: Boom. Headshot.

[title card]

[the camera is facing the sniper from the passenger's side]

Sniper: Snipin's a good job, mate. Challenging work, out of doors. I guarantee you'll not go angry. 'Cause at the end of the day, as long as there are two people left on this earth, someone is gonna want someone dead.

[the shot changes to the sniper brushing his teeth. Next to the mirror are three photos. The top and bottom photos have been crossed out with large red Xs. The middle photo is of the heavy.]

Sniper (talking on phone): N- No-- not a crazed gunman, dad, I'm an assassin!

[a truck drives past]

Sniper (still talking on the phone): What would the difference be!?! One's a job, and the other's mental sickness!

[the shot changes back to the can]

Sniper: to be honest, my parents do not care for it.



Meet the Sniper

Meet the Sniper