The Medkit is a healing item in the Team Fortress series. There are two types of Medkit; small and large. Small Medkits heal 15 health, while large Medkits heal 25 health. Both Medkits will cure an Infection. Medkits are rare in Team Fortress maps, as health is usually packed into Backpacks.

The only type of Medkit in Team Fortress Classic and Enemy Territory Fortress is the Large variant.

In Quake Team Fortress, Medkits are used as ammo for a Medic's Bioweapon so they can give a target up 50% over his maximum health.


Megahealth is a powerup that gives the user 100 health, regardless if it goes over his health max. However, the health will slowly whittle down over time until the user's health is as his maximum health. The Megahealth is used only in a few QWTF and ETF maps, most notably Canalzone. Like the regular Medkit, the Megahealth will cure an Infection.

Megahealth does not exist in Team Fortress Classic.


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