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The Market Gardener is a community-made melee weapon for the Soldier. It is an entrenching shovel with a tan wooden handle fastened with green metal.  This weapon is part of the Airborn Armaments series of weapons, which includes the Jumper's Jeepcap, the Liberty Launcher, the Reserve Shooter, and this weapon. The Market Gardener has the default melee damage and swing speed. This weapon gets no random critical hits.  If you hit a player while you are in mid air after taking self inflicted rocket damage, you deal automatic critical hits. However, you can still get critical hits using the Rocket Jumper, even though it deals no damage, making it a good pair with this weapon. This is a great pair with players with good prediction skills, and some knowledge on rocket-jumping and where you will land. It deals critical hits when flying off of someone's explosive damage even if it is a enemy rocket/stickybomb/grenade.

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