The new look of the Mann.Co store!

"Browse, buy, design, sell and wear Mann Co.'s ever-growing catalog of fine products with your BARE HANDS--all without leaving the COMFORT OF YOUR CHAIRS!"
Saxton Hale

The Mann Co. Store is an in-game micropayment service included in the Mann-Conomy Update. The store allows players to purchase in-game items such as hats, weapons, and action items using money stored in their Steam Wallet. Creators of community-contributed items receive a percentage of sales for anything they've created. Aside from the main in-game interface, purchases can be made through the official Online Store, or on the official blog.

Items bought from the Mann Co. Store can be traded, but not immediately; previously, items purchased from the Mann Co. Store were unable to be traded. After the Hatless Update, tools and action items (excluding Pile O' Gifts and the Secret Saxton) bought from the Mann Co. Store were given a 2-day waiting period before becoming tradable. Following the Manniversary Update & Sale, untradable weapons, hats and miscellaneous items that were previously purchased from the store can be now traded, and newly purchased items can be immediately traded as long as the purchaser made his first purchase more than 30 days earlier.

Weapons bought from the Mann Co. Store can't be used in crafting, while hats and miscellaneous items can. Following the November 29, 2012 Patch items bought from that date can be used in crafting, while previously purchased ones can't.

The old design of the Mann.Co Store!

Pricing[edit | edit source]

Prices vary greatly, with newer and rarer items priced higher than older and more common ones. As a rule of thumb, rare items cost ten or more dollars while common items -hats and miscellaneous items excluded- cost less than five. These prices preserve the values of crafted or dropped items. On occasion, the store will have sales on hats and weapons.

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