The Manmelter

Shot type


Base damage


Critical damage



4 damage/tick, 60 in total for 10 seconds.

Afterburn (mini-crit)

4 damage/tick, 80 total for 10 seconds.

Attack interval

2.42 per shot







The Manmelter is a secondary weapon for the Pyro. It is a grey, retro-futuristic laser pistol, with a small vial that contains team-colored liquid. This weapon has a 20% slower firing speed, but the projectile travels 50% faster than normal flares. It has no random critical hits, but can be crit-boosted. No reload is needed, so the 20% slower firing speed balaces this out. The main feature of this weapon is its ability to store guarenteed critical hits by using alt-fire, default right-click onto a buring teammate. The teammate will be extinguished, and the critical hits will be applied. This cannot be used on disguised Spies, making it fairly effective on burning Spies. The flare is useful at close range due to its extremely fast projectile, and how it cannot be reflected. This weapon can store up to 35 critical hits, and the counter will be reset upon death. This weapon has no splash damage, so for it to deal damage it will have to be a direct hit, hence the increased flare speed. Like most flares, this will ignite the enemy on hit.

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