MONOCULUS! or Monoculus is the RED Demoman's missing eye. It is a boss in the Eyeaduct map. It fires rockets that are always crits and take the shape of eyeballs, and can be reflected back at it. It sports a massive health pool and resistance to rapid fire weapons such as the Flamethrower and the Minigun. He has 5 levels, when it runs out of health it will go up a level, and will be more powerful than the level before it. Each level will give it more health and rapid-fire rockets. When it runs out of health on level 5 it will explode in a burst of light and killers will go to loot island. Hitting MONOCULUS! with a melee right before it dies will award the player a special hat. Critical hits on MONOCULUS! temporarily vastly increase it's firing speed of eyeballs. The eyeballs deal 150 damage each. Defeating MONOCULUS! awards the player the respective MONOCULUS! hat. While MONOCULUS! is active, Capture Points turn neutral and cannot be captured. MONOCULUS! has a 50% critical damage resistance, and while angered by critical damage it's fired eyeballs will follow targets flawlessly. There is no damage ramp-up/damage fall off on it, so weapons always deal base damage which is sometimes situationally good/bad. Generally, both teams will want to work together to defeat MONOCULUS!, but this is not required. MONOCULUS! will appear on the server when a minimum of 10 players are on the map. The sounds it makes are deep pitched Demoman responses.


MONOCULUS! from a death cam. All death cams will always have the pupil of the eye visible.

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