MIRV Grenade

Varies in radius of Blast from Medium to Instant Kill

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The MIRV Grenade (Cluster Bomb in ETF) is a secondary grenade in the Team Fortress series. When the timer goes off, it explodes like a regular Frag Grenade, but small bombs are released at the same time. These bomblets will hit the ground, then simultaneously explode after a few seconds.

The Demoman are equipped with this grenade.

This grenade can be used to perform a Grenade Jump, though it can only be safely performed when the MIRV first explodes. Trying to perform one when the bomblets explode will result in certain death for any class.


The MIRV is the ultimate anti-Sentry Gun weapon. The bomblets cause so much damage that it will be impossible for even a level three sentry to survive a MIRV. Demomen should make sure to keep their MIRVs for Sentries if they're attacking. Remember to make it so that the MIRV lands near the Sentry Gun so that the bomblets will be very close or right next to the Sentry Gun when the MIRV explodes.

On defense, the MIRV is a good way to stop enemies from using a certain path. If you see that there is a group of enemies using a certain path and they won't stop coming, toss a MIRV at the entrance to the path. The MIRV can kill anybody that's using the path, which will give your defense just enough of a break to cover areas that were previously overrun.

When deathmatching a person, a MIRV can be used like a regular Frag Grenade, only with a lot more punch.

MIRVs are also very useful on maps that encourage grenade spamming, such as Dustbowl. They should be thrown at small chokepoints to maximize their potential.


Article on Official Team Fortress Wiki: MIRV Grenade

The MIRV Grenade was supposed to be in Team Fortress 2, but was cut when throwable grenades were deleted. However, it seemed to briefly live on as the Demoman's secondary weapon before it was completely deleted. It appears in Trailer 1 and Trailer 2.


  • The MIRV was influenced by programming designed by Steve Bond.


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