The Jarate is an unlockable item exclusive to the Sniper class. It will replace the Secondary weapon slot. Jarate takes the form of a closed jar of what appears to be the Sniper's urine. When used on enemies, they will take mini-crit damage from regular damage for a 8 seconds. Also, when the Jarate is thrown and broken, the urine will be able to short out the cloaking devices of Spies. The Jarate's effects will be washed off instantly when jumping into water. When used on teammates and/or yourself, Jarate will extinguish any fire effects caused from Pyros. Also, this weapon makes a outstanding combo with the Bushwacka, as the mini-crits with instantly become critical hits, and dealing 195 damage per strike will seriously harm your enemies.  However, take care when using against a pyro unless he is wielding a Phlogistinator (due to no airblast) as the jar is not particularly fast, and can be airblasted. Take note that mini-crit fire and Afterburn can be strong without a healing source.

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