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The Infection or the Contagion (or Timer is also what it is called in the console when killing an enemy) is one of the most deadliest unconventional "weapon" that can cripple enemy team(s) that is unleashed by the use of the Bioweapon. This weapon is only "used" by the Medic.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Infection is an airborne virus that infects anyone at a least a foot away or contacting the infected, that is released be using the Bioweapon on an enemy class. How to do this is simple is attack an enemy with the bioweapon and wait until it kills the enemy (note that how it will affect classes vary in damage it causes and rate. But in order to cause the most damage to the enemy team is attack a player (or bot) that is defending the entrance to the flag or an area that the enemy team travels a lot (like outside the spawning point). How to do this is hide behind corners and make sure you are not seen and wait for your target(s) to come and attack him (or them) with the bioweapon and simply wait and let the infection run it's course.

Infection Stats on Classes[edit | edit source]

Scout-(Testing required)

Sniper-(Testing required)

Soldier- (Testing required)

Demoman-(Testing required)

Medic- Immune to Infection

Heavy-(Testing required)

Pyro-(Testing required)

Spy-(Testing required)

Engineer-(Testing required)

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