The Hot Hand is a melee weapon for the Pyro. It is a team-colored (grey for RED, dark yellow for BLU) rubber glove with two yellow bands and one grey band on the wrist and soot-darkened fingertips.

Upon hitting an enemy with this weapon, the player gains a speed boost and the hit is announced in the kill feed similar to the Holy Mackerel and the Unarmed Combat in showing a SLAP KILL!, FISH KILL! and ARM KILL! during a successful kill respectively. However, the weapon deals less damage than the default Fire Axe. Unlike other melee weapons, pressing primary fire (default key:MOUSE1) will attack twice instead of once; concurrently, the weapon's damage is split evenly between these two swings.

Taunting with the Hot Hand equipped will perform the Hadouken kill taunt.Just like the flare gun,detonator and more.

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