The Holiday Punch is a community-created melee weapon for the Heavy. It is a large pair of team-colored knitted mittens, featuring a decorative snowflake woven into the back. This weapon posseses the same damage and swing speed as most melee weapons posses. This weapon always has critical hits from behind, at the same range of a Backstab. Critical hits do no damage, but force a enemy to do a laugh taunt for 4 seconds. If this user punches a heavy who has this item equipped, (the heavy doesn't have to be wielding it), they will laugh wether or not they are wielding it. The 4 second laugh time is enough time to kill a user with the Showdown taunt, which is 3 seconds long and does 500 damage.(Instant kill) This does the laughing-punch under the effects of a crit boost making it impossible to kill anyone with the melee weapom without using its kill taunt under the effects of the boost, as critical htis do not damage. Oddly, there are still random criticals for this weapon despite the almost guenteed kills with this weapon once the enemy is laughing. Mini-crits do not make the target laugh, and deal normal mini-crit stock melee damage.

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