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The Half-Zatoichi is a melee weapon for the Demoman and the Soldier. The Half-Zatoichi is a weapon with the unique ability of regenerating all of the health on the wearer upon a successful kill. However, until a kill is attained, you will take damage when you switch to a different weapon. This weapon can overheal too.

Due to this, it is more useful to the Demoman than the Soldier, as the Soldier doesn't have very many conventional methods of getting into close-range, while the Demoman has many, making it useful for a "Demo-Knight" strategy. Although not practical, the Soldier makes excellent use of the Half-Zatoichi while moving quickly. This may be accessed by rocket jumping, a team buff, or a Disciplinary Action hit by an ally.

This weapon is Honorbound, meaning that if it is switched for a different weapon after being unsheathed, the user will instantly take 50 damage. After killing an enemy, the Half-Zatoichi will be covered in blood. This means that the weapon can be sheathed safely. If it is selected afterwards, the blood stain will be gone and another enemy must be defeated. Enemies killed with this weapon will lose their head, though it cannot collect heads like the Eyelander or its reskins.

This weapon is very useful in Medieval Mode, as nobody can use guns. Because of the lack of usable weapons other than melees and some select secondaries such as the Soldier’s banners and the Demoman’s shields, along with boots and the B.A.S.E. Jumper for the Demoman. Because the Medic can only use the Crusader’s Crossbow and the Amputator’s taunt to heal allies, the Half-Zatoichi’s health bonus is very helpful. Along with the small health packs dropped by killed players, wielders of the Half-Zatoichi can easily keep themselves above full health provided they are wise and do not make any suicidal maneuvers.

Pros and Cons[edit | edit source]

+37% longer melee range +Regain 50% of base health on kill, overheals -50 health when sheathed if at least one enemy is not killed -No random criticals

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