For the older weapon, see Grenade Launcher (Classic).

The Grenade Launcher is almost identical to the classic Grenade Launchers, but it's magazine can only hold four rounds, not six and cannot detonate instantly when right-clicking or using the special attack key.. Yet the Chamber is Still a Six Barrel Chamber. The direct hit damage is either 83-123 on smaller classes or 90-110 on larger classes. The timed splash is  22-64 damage.This weapon fires every 0.6 seconds, and the first reload takes 1.24 seconds but the reloads after that take 0.6 seconds. A direct critical hit does 270-330, and the splash will do 190, as there is absolutely no damage falloff or splash damage falloff for critical explosives no matter what. This weapon can be used to grenade jump, but a player must know where the grenade will end up after being launched and bounced around.