Grenades are a type of weapon in the Team Fortress series. To use them, a key (usually g or F) must be held down. As soon as the key is hit, a timer will begin. After four seconds, the grenade will explode, even if the player is holding it. The grenade can be released by depressing the grenade key. Unlike other games, you can still fire, reload and switch weapons while cooking the grenade, which makes grenades very useful.

Grenades have appeared in all games except Team Fortress 2.


There are two types of grenade; primary and secondary.


The primary grenade is the grenade activated by hitting the "G" key in TFC and ETF. Almost every class' primary grenade is the Frag Grenade. The only exception is the Scout, which has Caltrops. In ETF and pre-2.9 versions of QWTF, the Scout used the Flash Grenade.

List of Primary grenadesEdit


The secondary grenade slot is used for grenades that are specialized for a certain class. For example, the Demoman and Heavy have the MIRV Grenade, which releases a cluster of bomblets when it explodes, while the Spy has the Gas Grenade, which releases a hallucinogenic gas when it "detonates". In most cases, classes do not have as many secondary grenades as they have primary.

List of Secondary grenadesEdit

Team Fortress 2Edit

Article on Official Team Fortress Wiki: Grenades

Throwable grenades were originally in Team Fortress 2, but were cut due to game balance reasons. Their untextured models are still in the game. In addition, each class' .ctx file mentions their primary and secondary grenade. However, with mods like TF2Classic, and other third party server mods, grenades were readded, but few servers run these "classic" mods.

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