The Gloves of Running Urgently (G.R.U.) are a melee weapon for the Heavy. They are similar in appearance to the Killing Gloves of Boxing, but designed with flame decals and orange rings around the cuffs.

When active, the G.R.U. gives the Heavy a large boost to his movement speed while active. This makes him move almost equally (0.03% slower) in speed to normal classes in the game (pyro, sniper, engineer, ect.). However, while the gloves are active, and for 3 seconds after they are put away, the Heavy recieves the debuff Marked for Death, which causes all attacks against him to be minicrits, increasing damage taken by 35% from all sources. Also, the gloves deal 25% less damage and with the mini-crits taken make this a less-than par ambush weapon since the average 49 damage dealt is not very much and takes 3 hits to kill the classes with the least health. A common mistake is to think that with the increased speed, this weapon swings faster. This is false.

The festive gloves of running urgently.

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