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The Gas Grenade is a secondary grenade in the Team Fortress games. When the timer runs out, it releases a gas cloud. If a person runs past the cloud, they will receive damage and begin to hallucinate. The effect depends on the game; in QWTF and TFC, the player will begin to hear gunshots, explosions, and see projectiles that don't really exist. In ETF, the screen will begin changing colours.

The Spy is the only class that has this grenade.


In QWTF and TFC, the Gas grenade is extremely useful, as it can seriously damage a person's ability to predict where enemies are via gunshots and explosions, especially in high-traffic areas. this makes it easy for an enemy to attack a target without the target noticing. While enemies aren't able to tell if a target is hallucinating, the target's ignorance of the enemy attacking him should tell him that a target is hallucinating. For maximum effect, Gas grenades should be thrown at choke points so that enemies are forced to run past the gas and also the gas can go through walls.

The Gas Grenade is less useful in ETF only because its hallucination effects are very easy to ignore.


They are 2 ways of removing an hallucination, the first one is being healed by a medic (taking Medkits will have no effect). The second way can only be done in TFC, while you are hallucinating, feign death, It will instantly remove the hallucination.


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The Gas Grenade was supposed to be in Team Fortress 2, but was cut when throwable grenades were deleted.


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