The Frontier Justice is an unlockable primary weapon for the Engineer. It is a large pump-action coach gun-style shotgun with a wooden stock and ornate engravings on the metal receiver, to which a team-colored cylindrical capacitor with an antenna is attached. This weapon has the same reload time, damage, and firing speed as the default Shotgun. This weapon has a 50% smaller clip size, so it has 3 shots per clip. Also, this weapon has no random critical hits. The main feature of this weapon are its revenge crits. When a Sentry Gun is destroyed, the user gains guaranteed critical hits depending on numbers of kills and assists, along with one extra crit if the Sentry is not destroyed by the player. When the Sentry kills a player, the player will receive 2 critical hits per kill on the Sentry's death, and one for every assist. One critical hit pellet will do 18 damage. The max critical hits stored is 35, and all critical hits are lost on death. If a Sentry is destroyed while the Engineer is dead, the crits will not be granted on respawn. This weapon has a kill Taunt, which is Dischord. The critical hits will still be granted if the player destroys his Sentry Gun, but the extra one from the Sentry itself will not. 


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