Foxhound[edit | edit source]

Who?[edit | edit source]

Foxhound, commonly called Fox is a cool dude from Scotland who is even cooler when tipsy. He is an admin on Panda-Community #9 and is a genuinely nice person to everyone. He also hates people who insult because he is an admin. He can also spit out an occasional joke or meme that is usually funny. Except, when it's not.

His favorite sound to play is "Dad Please" because, well because.

"A for effort" ~Foxhound 2018

(To be honest, not very much is known about Fox by me.) (SO ADD SOMETHINGS)

Voice[edit | edit source]

Foxhound arguably has one of the most sexy voices ever. especially on Panda-Community #9. This voice is definitely asmr worthy and there is the debate on whose voice is sexier, Dovv's or Foxhound's. On top of that, Fox also has a Scottish accent which makes his voice liek a thousand times more sexier because boi, Scottish accents.

Drunk Foxhound[edit | edit source]

Fox occasionally gets drunk and comes on the server and is like a very friendly person. FOX IS LEGIT JUST A NICE PERSON. Liek am I missing something? How is someone ever liek that nice. I do not understand. SOMEONE EXPLAIN.

Admin[edit | edit source]

Yes, Foxhound is an admin and a good one too. He is relatively easygoing and will give everyone second chances, Gotta thank him for that. He sticks and enforces rules real well while also keeping the players engaged with various jokes, noises, conversations, votes, and overall just being there.

Other Info[edit | edit source]

Fox is a Scottish person with a really cool asmr worthy voice that many people admire.

He has the most kisses on the server at 1819, and the most hugs at 4559. These number are most likely to have change due to Foxhound's popularity.

#NotDicky #rickynotdicky

Foxhound is a great person on the server and I am not succing his dicc.

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