The Flash Grenade is a secondary grenade in the Team Fortress series. When the timer goes off, the grenade releases a white light that blinds victims for a few seconds. In QWTF, it also does damage.

Flash Grenade
Flash etf
Used by

Scout in QWTF and ETF only, Sniper in Team Fortress Classic and ETF only.

The Flash grenade is used by the Scout in QWTF and the Scout and Sniper in ETF. In QWTF, the only way that the Scout will have the Flash grenade is if the cvar "old_grens" is set to "on".

The Flash Grenade is in TFC, however this grenade is only for snipers in Neotf. It is set to be the Sniper's secondary grenade, whereas if this plugin wasn't running, the Sniper would not have a secondary grenade.


The Flash Grenade is a great way to bypass areas filled with defenders. Prime a flash grenade before entering an area that you know is filled with defenders and/or strong classes. When you get inside, toss the grenade at or near the enemies, then turn away right before the grenade explodes. If done correctly, the enemy will not be able to avoid the grenade and will be blinded for a few seconds. This is a prime opportunity to run past them without having to fight back.

The same technique can also be applied to a target that is pursuing you. The grenade will blind him long enough for you to get away from him.

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