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The Flare is a secondary grenade in Quake Team Fortress. When the "grenade2" key is released, a flare is shot and will land on the first wall it hits. After that, it will begin to blink. After a few more seconds, it will illuminate the area around it for a few seconds, then disappear.

It is only used by the Sniper.

Team Fortress ClassicEdit

In Team Fortress Classic, the flare can only be used with certain mods, and must be bound to a key with the "flare" console command. It is deployed like other grenades, and the model used is that of a concussion grenade. Like the Quake Team Fortress flare, it will bathe the area around it in a yellow light for a few seconds that gradually fades, then goes out completely.


The Flare is virtually useless in GL-QWTF as it does not lighten up an area as it does in ordinary QWTF.


  • It is the only grenade in QWTF that was not used in TFC and ETF.
  • The Flare is a reskinned laser shot by the Enforcer enemy from Quake 1.

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