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The Fists of Steel, commonly abbreviated to FoS, are a community-made melee weapon for the Heavy. It is a pair of large robotic gauntlets, appropriately team-colored, that encase the Heavy's hands.  


This weapon has the same swing speed and damage as the default melee weapons do. This weapon, while active will have a 40% damage resistance to ranged weapons. This can protect the user from fully charged head shots from all the Sniper rifles except the Machina. However, if overhealed they can also survive that to.   


The downside is that the user takes 100% more damage from melee weapons while active, making scouts more deadly. The weapons second downside is a 100% slower holster time. It can be negated by switching to a different weapon and then to the FoS.  


When on low health, retreat with this, it now takes 4 default pipes, rockets, and scattergun shots to kill you so use it to your advantage. Pull out your FoS and bait the enemy in, it will try to melee you for a quick and easy kill. Switch to you're Minigun, or do the exploit, and mow them down when they get to a ideal range. Push the cart while your FoS is out, the damage resistance will help tank damage, especially if you have a medic to give you a good 450 health with the added 40% resistance.

Hold up a point with a Medic, force your enemies to go melee and that's when you pull out you're primary to mow them down. In Man vs Machine you should use then for retreating as you will not have to be fast to go to the front lines plus you're roll is to either with the Medic or to be standing by the dispenser. The FoS works on any mode but Medieval Mode.


FoS can work in any load out

Best: Minigun, Sandvich, FoS

Mid Tier:

Minigun, shotgun, FoS (Any)

Tomislav, Buffalo Steak Sandvich, FoS (Offense)

Brass Beast, Dalokohs Bar, FoS (Defense)

Brass Beast, Sandvich, FoS (MVM)

Natascha, Family Business, FoS (Defense)


FoS works in pretty much any loadout and is a huge help, in the right hands it's a straight upgrade to stock. FoS is debately the best melee tool for Heavy. It works for roaming and being a Medic Buddy, either defending a point or leading a push with a Medic on you.