Fists are the default stock-quality melee weapon for the Heavy. This does 65 damage usually and can do 55-75 damage. They swing every 0.8 seconds, and posseses all the default statistics of most melee weapons excluding the Scout's Bat. Generally, the fists should only be used when your Shotgun is out of ammo and the Minigun will take to long to spin up. This is a poor weapon to chase enemies as all enemies will have a faster speed than you, letting them pepper you with their Pellets or Arrows before you can catch up to them, if ever. This weapon should not be used if your shotgun is available, and absolutely never if you have the time to spin up your minigun before the enemy comes close, as the minigun deals about 5.5 times as much damage per second compaired to the fists, 3 times as much at medium range, and about 1.5 times as much long range, though you can't hit them long range or medium ranged anyway. Generally, other melee weapons should be equipped due to their utility such as the escape-tool Gloves of Running Urgently or the crit-boost Killing Gloves of Boxing.

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