The Fire Axe is the default melee weapon for the Pyro. It is a stereotypical fireman's axe with a red axe head, silver edge, and a wooden handle. This weapon does the standard melee damage (55-75, average of 65), and swing speed (every .65 seconds). This weapon is best used when out of ammo, as most other weapons, such as the Flamethrower (which has slightly more range than the Fire Axe, and has more than twice as much damage per second than the axe), are better for most situations in general. If melee combat is frequent, the Back Scratcher is a better option due to its increased damage while retaining random critical hits. Also, other melee weapons are suggested for more utility, such as the Axtinguisher or Neon Annihilator. This weapon sucks and is disregarded by everyone. Do not use it when literally any other weapon is available.