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Fastlane overlooking a control point TF2.png
Basic Information
Map Type Control Point
File name cp_fastlane
Developer(s) Arttu "SK" Mäki
Map Info
Environment Desert
Setting Daylight, sunny
Map Items
Health icon TF2.png Health Kits
Small Health pickup TF2.png x 11 · Medium Health pickup TF2.png x 14
Ammo icon TF2.png Ammo Boxes
Medium Ammo pickup TF2.png x 20 · Large Ammo pickup TF2.png x 2
Map Stamp
Fastlane Map stamp TF2.png
"A control point map with five points, in the style of Badlands. Its symmetrical layout provides for high-speed and well balanced gameplay, while the multiple indoor routes, connected to larger outdoor arenas, provide a wide set of interesting and varied combat spaces. The arena-style control points require solid teamwork to capture and hold."
The Pyro Update

Fastlane is a Standard Control Point map. It was released with The Pyro Update as an official map. Along with Turbine, it became one of the first community created maps to be chosen by Valve as an official Team Fortress 2 map due to its outstanding quality.

The objective of Fastlane is to control all five capture points. Each team starts with their second and final control points locked, leaving only the middle point available.