The Enforcer is a community-made secondary weapon for the Spy. It is a snubnosed revolver with a pearl grip. This weapon has a 20% damage bonus while disguised, and has a penalty of a 20% slower firing spee
d to balance the added damage. This weapon deals 70-72 damage on a point blank shot, letting it kill 3 classes in two shots that don't have special weapons that add health. This weapon also has no random critical hits. It can also kill any building not being healed with 5 shots. The 20% damage bonus will not apply for the first time a spy shoots when disguised, it will do normal damage then. A critical hit does 144 damage, and a mini-crit shot does 65-97. Medium range does 41-55 damage, slightly less than point-blank revolver, and long range is 24-26, slightly less than the revolver's medium range damage. All of the range damage acts like it is the "level" (range/distance) above it for the revolver, as the medium range for enforcer is like point-blank for the revolver, and long range for the enforcer is medium for the revolver.
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