Enemy Territory Fortress (or ETF) is a Team Fortress game. It is essentially an improved port of Quake 3 Fortress. Its last update was version 1.6, currently the game is in community update mode to 1.7 no release date is yet confirmed.

The current community home for ETF is


Moose & More - ETF Extreme HQ

Moose & More - ETF Extreme HQ


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It plays exactly like a classic Team Fortress game, but its gameplay mechanics are based more on the classic Quake Team Fortress than TFC. For example, Shotguns have falloff damage over range and weapons do not have magazines independent from their ammo supply.


ETF uses the regular classes, but it uses Q3F's names for the classes.

Description: The reconnaissance class of ETF, the 'Recon' is by far the fastest guy around. Though his weapons are more annoying than destructive, his ability to disappear in to the distance, while scanning for enemies in advance with his Radar Scanner, more than make up for his lack of raw power.
Still, his weapons are nothing to be sniffed at. Both his Single-Barreled Shotgun and his Nailgun are easily capable of bringing foe in poor health to their knees, while his Stun Grenades and Flashbangs make for the perfect escape.
Weapons: Axe, Shotgun, Nailgun
Equipment: Flash Grenades, Stun Grenades, Radar Scanner
Abilities: Spy Revealing, HE Charge Disarming

Description: You *never* want to be in the cross-hairs of a good Sniper. One-shot, one-kill and it's likely that you didn't even see the muzzle flash. The sniper is by far one of the toughest classes to master, lending itself to that special breed of player with astonishing reflexes and the ability to 'make like a tree' in a split second.
Though poorly armored, and of average speed, the sniper is armed with an annoyingly damaging Nailgun and the seriously lethal Rifle supporting both 'single-shot' and 'assault' modes of operation. He also carries both Flashbangs and standard-issue Hand Grenades.
Weapons: Axe, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Nailgun
Equipment: Hand Grenades, Flash Grenades

Description: The backbone of any offence or defense operation, the ETF soldier has developed over time to be one of the most popular classes to play. Requiring little more than a fast-trigger finger to get going with, this class offers bundles of scope for 'l33t skillz.' as your aim and timing improves.
Armed with a Single-Barreled Shotgun, Double-Barreled Shotgun and the all-powerful Rocket Launcher, he's great at both close-up 'dueling', area clearing and providing long-range cover. His firearms are complimented by standard-issue Hand Grenades and the truly impressive nail bomb.
Weapons: Axe, Shotgun, Supershotgun, Rocket Launcher
Equipment: Hand Grenades, Nail Bombs

Description: The destructive class of ETF, that never goes out without a bang! Touting an Axe, Single-Barreled Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and Pipebomb Launcher, he's already well armed. Add to this his Cluster Grenades, standard-issue Hand Grenades and 'earth-shattering' HE Charges and you have one whole C4 box of fun! [4]
Weapons: Axe, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Pipebomb Launcher
Equipment: Hand Grenades, Cluster Grenades, High ExplosiveCharge
Abilities: Remote Pipe Detonation, High Explosive Charge Laying

Description: Hardly any offence unit is complete without the Paramedic. Moderately fast, with an excellent combination of Single-Barreled Shotgun, Double-Barreled Shotgun and Super-Nailgun, he's already a worthy opponent to most classes in ETF.
If you combine all that with his ability to both heal team-mates, infect enemies and perform incredible jumps using Stun Grenades, he's one hell of a great class to play. He also carries standard-issue Hand Grenades too!
Weapons: Syringe, Shotgun, Supershotgun, Supernailgun
Equipment: Hand Grenades, Stun Grenades
Abilities: Heal Allies, Infect Enemies

Description: Truly the 'Big-Daddy' of ETF. The Minigunner carries by far the largest and most aggressive of all the ETF weapons - The Minigun! If that's not trouble enough, he's also armed to the teeth with the latest in Cluster Bombs, standard-issue Hand Grenades, a Double-Barreled Shotgun, and for last-ditch attempts at that enemy that 'just wont die' a Single-Barreled Shotgun and an Axe! [6]
Weapons: Axe, Shotgun, Supershotgun, Minigun
Equipment: Hand Grenades, Cluster Grenades

Description: The arsonist of ETF! With almost all his weapons dedicated to incinerating the enemy, even those that escape his immediate attack, often die from 3rd-degree burns within seconds. Amongst the arsenal of equipment carried by the Flametrooper, his two main weapons are the Lightweight Carbon-Format Flame-Thrower and Napalm Launcher. He also carries an Axe, Shotgun, standard issue Hand Grenades and special Napalm Grenades. [7]
Weapons: Axe, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Napalm Launcher
Equipment: Hand Grenades, Napalm Grenades

Description: The Agent is the infiltrating, back-stabbing, shadow class of ETF. With his ability to both disguise and use invisibility, he's able to sneak through, and camp in, heavily defended areas.
The Agent is armed with the deadly Combat Knife, rapid-fire Nailgun, Double-Barreled Shotgun and tranquilizing Dartgun. He also carries standard-issue Hand Grenades and special hallucinogenic Gas Grenades.
Weapons: Knife, Dartgun, Shotgun, Nailgun
Equipment: Hand Grenades, Gas Grenades
Abilities: Disguise, Invisibility

Description: The Engineer is the true defense and support class of ETF. He is able to build Autosentries that automatically guard the team base and Supply Stations for team-mates to restock on ammunition and armor.
The Engineer is no 'pea-shooter carrying weakling' though - he's armed with a Wrench, Double-Barreled Shotgun, high-velocity Railgun and carries both standard issue Hand Grenades and special Pulse Grenades.
Weapons: Wrench, Railgun, Supershotgun
Equipment: Hand Grenades, Pulse Grenades
Abilities: Build Autosentry, Build Supplystation, Repair Teammates Armor

Description: Essentially a living target, the civilian has no armor and no weapons, save his trusty axe. It is often his job to avoid detection and reach some goal without dying, generally with some more well armed teammates to back him up. [10]
Weapons: Axe
Equipment: Charming good looks
Abilities: Runs like a weasel


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