Dustbowl outside the RED control point TF2
Basic Information
Map Type Control Point
File name cp_dustbowl
Developer(s) Valve
Map Info
No. of Stages 3
Environment Desert
Setting Daylight, sunny
Pyrovision Yes
Map Items
Health icon TF2 Health Kits
Small Health pickup TF2 x 7 · Medium Health pickup TF2 x 8 · Large Health pickup TF2 x 10
Ammo icon TF2 Ammo Boxes
Small Ammo pickup TF2 x 4 · Medium Ammo pickup TF2 x 12 · Large Ammo pickup TF2 x 7
"I'm burnin' up."
The Engineer on the desert heat

Dustbowl is an Attack/Defend Control Point map, and is the subsequent remake of the Team Fortress Classic map of the same name. It and Gravel Pit were the first Attack/Defend Control Point maps for Team Fortress 2 and was one of the six initial maps included with the game's release. Dustbowl is the only map for which a training mode has been created.

In Dustbowl, the goal of the attackers, BLU, is to win through a series of stages in order to win the map. Within each stage the attackers must capture two control points, A and B, which are held by the defenders, RED. Point A must be captured before the attackers can assault B. The timer is increased for every point capture and once a point is captured it is locked and cannot be retaken by the defenders.

Like all Attack/Defend maps, BLU plays the attackers while RED plays the defenders. Egypt and Gorge share a similar design with Dustbowl.