Dovv[edit | edit source]

Character[edit | edit source]

Dovv is a player on Team Fortress 2 who often plays on Panda-Community #9 the death run server.

He identifies as a "Berd," a rare species consisting of very few in existance, being the only one on planet Earth. His skills are god-like and some argue that he could be considered as a birb. When, in fact, Dovv doesn't really have god-like skills and he is NOT a birb for the last god-forsaken time I-I mean he will say it.

He also has a rather large fanbase with in that server, for whatever goddamn reason.

If you kiss Dovv, you are a monster.

Catchphrase[edit | edit source]

Dovv's catchphrase is "I am Uncomfortable."

He often says this when he is hugged or kissed on the server. Dovv does not like to be hugged or kissed because of a long story that would take very long to tell.

Dovv also has VERY GOOD jokes.

Voice[edit | edit source]

Dovv's voice is so very extremely sexy (excuse my grammar), that some believe that it would be worthy of asmr. Dovv's acceptance on this fact is wavering but only day, all the people on Panda-Community #9 hope that he will acknowledge and embrace his voice. In the days prior, we [as in people who know Dovv] will constantly remind Dovv of this fact, that is voice is indeed, so very extremely sexy. This wiki is like what, good page though.

Some argue though, no one's voice could be as sexy as Foxhound's and that may or may not be true.

Other Info[edit | edit source]

Dovv has never eaten Nutella

Dovv does not have a YouTube Channel but if he ever does, hopefully he'll make asmr berd reviews. (lel) (pls my jokes are bad im sorry not sorry)

Dovv has an alias known as SiMoN. Though there are many fans who are in denial that Dovv is the same person as SiMoN with a different name and profile photo.

Dovv is also a Cry Of Fear fanboy and is NOT EpicDog.

Dovv is uncomfortable 100% of the time, and is also a burger munching murican.

He also likes to shoot guns and shit like that I guess. But like in the game. But not actually in game but also in real life because he is American

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