The Disciplinary Action is a community-made melee weapon for the Soldier. It is a riding crop with a wooden handle and a loose leather loop at the end. This weapon, although unlisted in stats, has a 70% longer melee range, the currently longest melee range in the game. This weapon has a 25% damage penalty, but when you hit a teammate you both recieve a speed boost for 5 seconds. This speed boost ranges on class, the Scout is already fast so it will not recieve a boost as big as the Heavy, who will recieve a fairly massive speed boost. The boost changes with the current effects on the wearer, such as the Powerjack for the Pyro. The Pyro will recieve a slightly smaller boost than they would normally have gotton due to their increased speed. Average damage is 49, but 41-56 is possible. Mini-crit damage is 56-76 and a critical hit does 146 damage.

Speed Boost AmountsEdit

Offensive ClassesEdit

Scout: 24.3% boost

Pyro: 35% boost

Soldier: 40% boost

Defensive ClassesEdit

Heavy: 40% boost

Demoman: 37.5% boost

Engineer: 35% boost

Support ClassesEdit

Medic: 32.8% boost

Sniper: 35% boost, 40% boost while scoped. No extra boost if Huntsman is used.

Spy: 35% boost, boost will not be recieved from enemy Soldiers while disguised

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