The Direct Hit is an unlockable primary weapon for the Soldier. It is a high-tech rocket launcher with a slimmer barrel and a smaller exhaust port, outfitted with a cosmetic scope. The Mann Co. logo is imprinted on the side. This rocket does 25% more damage then the standard Rocket Launcher, and moves 80% faster. It also mini-crits enemies in mid-air that were sent up by this weapon. As a drawback, this weapon has 70% less blast range, making it less suitable for crowd control, but excels at 1 on 1 combat or 1 on 2 occasionally. The blast range is about the size of a teleporter, so hitting two enemies is fairly rare and 3 almost impossible unless your targets are trying to get hit, which they won't. The Direct Hit mini-crits targets launched airborne by explosions, whether self-damage or not, dealing massive damage on that target only. The splash damage will not mini-crit other targets near by, so extra damage is only to the airborne target from explosions, making juggling a very effective strategy especially against bulky targets, such as the Heavy. The damage bonus lets Soldiers kill all 125 health classes in a single direct hit at point-blank range. Rocket jumping is unchanged. 

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