For the modern class in TF2, see Demoman.
TFC Demo
Type Offensive
Health 90 /140
Name Demoman
Armor 120
Armor Type Medium
Speed 93%
Appears in Team Fortress
Team Fortress Classic

The demoman in Team Fortress Classic is slightly different from his TF2 counterpart...

  • The primary grenade launcher has a six round magazine, not a four round magazine.
  • The TFC Demoman's secondary weapon is a pipebomb launcher
  • The pipes do not stick to a surface and the launcher shares ammo with the regular grenade launcher.
  • In TFC the Demoman is given a single barrel shotgun for a support.

The demoman still plays very similarly to a TF2 demoman despite these differences. The player can still pipe jump and is a useful area denial class. He is given 4 frag grenades and 2 MIRV grenades which explode once, and then again for extra damage. The Demo's pipes can push friendly classes away (assuming friendly fire is off). This allows the Demoman to assist his teammates to reach high places. Another ability is placing detpacks for teammates to get to the enemies flag or deactivate security, such cases include Crossover 2 and Ravinel. When trying to kill an enemy it is almost impossible unless you place it in an area of a highly used enemy route.

The Team Fortress Classic Demoman Plays Almost the same as the Quake TF mod as they have most of the same stuff and they play in the same plan.

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